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Processing additives for blended cements


Gartner, E. M., Myers, D., & Gaidis, J. M. (1991). IPC No. U.S.Processing additives for blended cements (Patent No. 5017234.)

This invention relates to a method of enhancing the later age strength of certain blended cements. Under the process of this invention, certain blended cements, in particular those made from cement clinkers containing at least 4% C.sub.4 AF, when mixed with up to 0.2% of a higher trialkanolamine exhibit a marked increase in 7 and 28-day compressive strengths. The blended cements of this invention contain between 5 and 80% fillers or clinker substitutes. The higher trialkanolamine strength enhancing additive may be admixed with the cement powder or may be interground with the cement clinker during finish milling.