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Positive health check Developing a web-based video counseling tool for HIV primary care clinics

HIV prevention efforts are increasingly aimed at engaging people living with HIV (PLWH) in healthcare to enhance treatment adherence and retention in care. Clinics need evidence-based interventions to support these goals and guidance on how to successfully implement these interventions in clinical settings. We describe the development of Positive Health Check (PHC) digital health intervention to support adherence and retention in care as well as a pilot implementation to determine feasibility. We developed PHC using input from seven HIV primary care providers. Over 15 months, providers gave feedback on the development of PHC by participating in nine inquiries, via online methods or webinars, addressing topics related to intervention development and implementation. After a 1-month pilot test, four providers shared their impressions of PHC implementation via a structured, open-ended interview. Providers’ comments resulted in script revisions, feedback on the filming of four virtual doctors (actors) balanced by race and gender, a user-friendly visual design, and more engaging messaging. Implementation feedback informed protocols to increase privacy and strategies to gain buy-in from clinics. Providers responded positively after using the final version of PHC, and again after the 1-month pilot implementation. Using a collaborative development approach with healthcare providers is a viable method for developing clinic-based interventions to support clinical encounters for PLWH. Intervention development should include strategies to support integrating mobile interventions into clinic workflows.


Harshbarger, C., Taylor, O., Uhrig, J. D., & Lewis, M. A. (2017). Positive health check: Developing a web-based video counseling tool for HIV primary care clinics. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 10(2: Special Themed Section), 70-77. https://doi.org/10.1080/17538068.2017.1341189