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Pesticide exposures and multiple myeloma in Iowa men

A population-based case-control study of 173 White men with multiple myeloma (MM) and 650 controls was conducted in Iowa (United States), an area with a large farming population, to evaluate the association between MM, agricultural risk factors, and exposure to individual pesticides. A slight nonsignificantly elevated risk for MM was seen among farmers (odds ratio [OR] = 1.2, 95 percent confidence interval [CI] = 0.8-1.7). Although slight excesses were observed, there were no significant associations between MM and handling either classes of pesticides or specific pesticides. Thus, this study found little evidence to suggest an association between risk of MM and farming or pesticides.


Brown, L. M., Burmeister, L. F., Everett, G. D., & Blair, A. (1993). Pesticide exposures and multiple myeloma in Iowa men. Cancer Causes and Control, 4(2), 153-6.