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Ozone generation in DC-energized electrostatic precipitators

Ozone emissions were measured from a short wire-plate precipitator and three commercial electronic air cleaners. Ozone generation was most strongly affected by the corona current and polarity of the discharge electrode. To a lesser extent, the type of corona (i.e., whether tuft or glow) was also important. Water vapor seems to reduce the ozone emission rate for negative corona, but ozone emissions from positive coronas are relatively unaffected. Ozone emission rate was also affected by the radius of the discharge electrode


Viner, AS., Lawless, P., Ensor, D., & Sparks, LE. (1992). Ozone generation in DC-energized electrostatic precipitators. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 28(3), 504-512. https://doi.org/10.1109/28.137427

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