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Microelectromechanical transducer and fabrication method

A microelectromechanical transducer including a plurality of strips arranged in an array and maintained in a closely spaced relation by a plurality of spacers. An electrically conductive layer on portions of the strips and spacers distributes electrical signal within the transducer to cause adjacent portions of the strips to move together. The strips and spacers may be formed from a common dielectric layer using microelectronic fabrication techniques. Two transducers may be coupled at an angle offset from parallel for two-dimensional micropositioning. A photodetector and Fresnel lens may be combined with the micropositioner using the transducers for optical scanning microscopy.


Bobbio, SM. (1993). IPC No. U.S. Microelectromechanical transducer and fabrication method. (Patent No. 5206557).