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Macroelectronics: Perspectives on technology and applications


Reuss, R. H., Chalamala, B. R., Moussessian, A., Kane, M. G., Kumar, A., Zhang, D. C., ... Snow, E. (2005). Macroelectronics: Perspectives on technology and applications. Proceedings of the IEEE, 93(7), 1239-1256. DOI: 10.1109/JPROC.2005.851237

Flexible, large area electronics - macroelectronics - using amorphous silicon, low-temperature polysilicon, or various organic and inorganic nanocrystalline semiconductor materials is beginning to show great promise. While much of the activity in macroelectronics has been display-centric, a number of applications where macroelectronics is needed to enable solutions that are otherwise not feasible are beginning to attract technical and/or commercial interest. In this paper, we discuss the application drivers and the technology needs and device performance requirements to enable high performance applications to include RF systems.