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Intimate partner violence and child abuse and neglect

Child abuse and partner violence often co-occur, but are frequently overlooked by both advocates for battered women and child protective agencies. Men and women can perpetrate both partner and child abuse. Partner violence can also be a risk factor for child maltreatment. In this article, the authors explore the research on the co-occurrence of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment, describing data from a wide range of samples. They also explore the link between history of child maltreatment and later revictimization or perpetration as an adult. They describe the consequences for children when there is partner violence in the home, and give an overview of services for families who are experiencing both types of abuse.


Casanueva, C., Kotch, J. B., & Zolotor, A. (2010). Intimate partner violence and child abuse and neglect. Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly, 2(3), 253-276.