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The fourth era of forensic science has begun

A new era has begun for the profession of forensic science. But this era, unlike the past, will not be defined by great scientific pioneers garbed in white lab coats. Instead, it will be marked by the talents and words of likeable, articulate, and well-dressed crime-laboratory delegates who can take command of the issues and inform the public and its leaders about the proper role of forensic science in our modern justice system. As time passes, it will quickly be learned if the profession has the talent and courage necessary to successfully engage in the public policy battles that await. If it doesn’t, it will find itself being bullied by persons and organizations that will be happy to stack the deck in their favor with no little or no resistance. One-sided policy debates are rarely beneficial.


Collins, J. (2007). The fourth era of forensic science has begun. Crime Lab Report, July, 1-7.