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An exploratory model of quality of life in the US Navy

Previous quality of life (QOL) modeling efforts using data from U.S. Marine Corps personnel have identified specific domains that were related to Reenlistment Intention, with an overall measure of QOL serving as a mediating variable (Kerce, 1995; White, Baker, & Wolosin, 1999). This study examined the validity of applying the Kerce life domains model to U.S. Navy personnel. Structural equation modeling analyses failed to replicate the Kerce model of QOL. Exploratory analyses supported a model similar to Hart (1999) in which (a) life domains are divided into nonwork, or personal, domains and work domains; (b) personal domains are linked to Reenlistment Intention; and (c) work domains are linked with Reenlistment Intention through organizational commitment


Wilcove, GL., Schwerin, M., & Wolosin, DG. (2003). An exploratory model of quality of life in the US Navy. Military Psychology, 15(2), 133-152. https://doi.org/10.1207/S15327876MP1502_3

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