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Exit polling hispanic voters in Texas and California: 1984-92

The phenomenal growth of the Latino population over the past decade or so has drawn attention to this group and their influence on the outcome of state and national elections? Those interested in Latino voting patterns

turned to pollsters to see what they could learn about this heretofore uncharted group. What the network exit polls had to say about Latino voting was not always reliable. Samples of Latino voters have been too small and no attention has been given to the unique distribution of

Latino voters vis-ti-vis non-Latinos. Furthermore, no effort has been made by the media pollsters to interview or provide exit instruments in the voters' native language. Hence, media exit poll results on Latinos have varied


To meet the demand for more accurate information about this growing segment of the electorate, the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project (SVREP) began conducting bilingual exit polls among Latino voters in

state-wide elections in Texas in 1984. The non-profit organization's progeny, the Southwest Voter Research Institute (SVRI), continued the practice in 1986 and expanded its polling to California and New Mexico."


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