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Electrospray/electrospinning apparatus and method

Apparatus and method for producing fibrous materials in which the apparatus includes an enclosure having an inlet configured to receive a substance from which the fibrous materials are to be composed, a common electrode disposed in the enclosure, and plural extrusion elements provided in a wall of the enclosure opposite the common electrode so as to define between the plural extrusion elements and the common electrode a space in communication with the inlet to receive the substance in the space. In the method, a substance from which the fibrous materials are to be composed is fed to the enclosure having the plural extrusion elements, a common electric field is applied to the extrusion elements in a direction in which the substance is to be extruded, the substance is extruded through the extrusion elements to tips of the extrusion elements, and the substance is electrosprayed from the tips to form the fibrous materials.


Andrady, A., & Ensor, D. (2010). IPC No. U.S. Electrospray/electrospinning apparatus and method. (Patent No. 7762801).