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Electrospinning of fibers using a rotatable spray head

Apparatus and method for electrospinning fibers in which theapparatus includes a spray head having a longitudinal axis andincluding at least one electrospinning element disposed in aperipheral wall of the spray head surrounding the longitudinalaxis. The electrospinning element includes a passage by which asubstance from which the fibers are to be electrospun is providedto a tip of the extrusion electrospinning element. Theelectrospinning element extends from the peripheral wall in adirection from the longitudinal axis and is configured toelectrospin the fibers by electric field extraction of thesubstance from the tip of the extrusion electrospinning element.Accordingly, the method includes providing a substance from whichthe fibers are to be composed to a tip of an electrospinningelement in a peripheral wall of a spray head having a longitudinalaxis, rotating the spray head or a collector configured to receivethe fibers around the longitudinal axis, applying in a directionfrom the longitudinal axis of the spray head an electric field tothe tip of the electrospinning element to electrospin by electricfield extraction the substance from the tip of the electrospinningelement to form the fibers, and collecting the fibers on thecollector.


Andrady, A., Ensor, D., & Newsome, R. J. (2006). IPC No. U.S.Electrospinning of fibers using a rotatable spray head (Patent No. 7134857.)