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Electromagnetic radiation detectors having a microelectromechanical shutter device

The present invention provides for an improved electromagnetic radiation detector having a micromachined electrostatic chopper/shutter device. The MEMS flexible film chopper/shutter device provides reliability, efficiency, noise reduction and temperature fluctuation compensation capabilities to the associated electromagnetic radiation detector. An electromagnetic radiation detector having an electrostatic chopper/shutter device includes a detector material element and flexible film actuator overlying the detector material layer and moveable relative thereto. The flexible film actuator will typically include an electrode element and a biasing element such that the actuator remains in a fully curled, open state absent electrostatic voltage and moves to a fully uncurled, closed state upon the application of electrostatic voltage. Arrays that incorporate a plurality of electromagnetic radiation detectors and/or electrostatic shuttering devices are additionally provided for.


Dausch, D. (2006). IPC No. U.S.Electromagnetic radiation detectors having a microelectromechanical shutter device (Patent No. 7026602.)