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The effect of gold on platinum oxidation in homogeneous Au-Pt electrocatalysts

Oxidation of Au-Pt thin films was carried out in ambient air at room temperature and characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The homogeneous films were prepared by RF co-sputtering with concentrations varying from Au9Pt91 to Au89Pt11 and compared to pure Pt and Au thin films. Spectral deconvolution of the Au 4f and Pt 4f core levels revealed linear peak shifts for both the Au-Au and Pt-Pt bonding components as a function of alloy mixture and metallic component peak asymmetry that remained constant for all alloy stoichiometries. The predominant oxidation products were PtO and PtO2 and were characterized by stable core level binding energies for all films. A gradual decline in the Pt-O-x products and corresponding levels of elemental oxygen was observed with increasing Au content but was similar in proportion to the metallic Pt components. Based on these results, variations in Pt oxide phases and/or concentration do not appear to contribute to enhanced electrocatalytic activity for oxygen reduction observed for the intermediate alloy stoichiometries. (C) 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved


Wolter, SD., Brown, B., Parker, CB., Stoner, B., & Glass, JT. (2010). The effect of gold on platinum oxidation in homogeneous Au-Pt electrocatalysts. Applied Surface Science, 257(5), 1431-1436.