• Scholarly report

10-Year Fellow Program Accomplishments (2002-2012). Final Report

In 2001, RTI International‘s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Victoria Haynes, articulated the vision for the RTI Fellow Program. Among other objectives, the RTI Fellow Program is designed to serve as an alternate and parallel track to management, giving the scientific staff further opportunities for advancement. The Program initially was patterned after Dr. Haynes‘ participation in and experience with the Fellow Program at Monsanto Corporation. Dr. Alvin Cruze, an RTI Executive Vice President during this time period, was responsible for adapting and refining the concept to fit RTI‘s modus operandi and culture. Because the ceiling for RTI‘s technical track is salary grade F, and the track for RTI management extends an additional several steps, the addition of a Fellow scientific track raised the ceiling from salary grade F to salary grade D, allowing the most talented scientists to advance further within the Institute (Table 1).


Pellizzari, E. (2012). 10-Year Fellow Program Accomplishments (2002-2012). Final Report. (Prepared for Jim Trainham, Lead Fellow). Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI International.