RTI International announces launch of Attego ESG Impact Solutions

Attego is a newly branded division focused on environmental, social and governance challenges

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC — RTI International has launched an independent division called Attego ESG Impact Solutions with the sole focus of providing environmental, social and governance impact solutions to organizations worldwide.

This division will work with commercial companies to identify sustainable solutions for large, complex commercial or industrial projects such as mining operations, energy infrastructure, and agricultural operations.

Attego will help companies identify and mitigate risks and develop plans that maximize local economic growth, build local capacity, and minimize potential negative impacts on the environment and local communities, ultimately bringing a return on investment to the company.

“RTI is uniquely positioned to provide this integrated solution to clients across resource-dependent industries,” said Wayne Holden, Ph.D., RTI president and CEO. “Launching Attego as its own division offers us the opportunity to extend RTI’s extensive knowledge in environmental resource planning, local capacity building and large-scale assessments to the private sector, where we can extend our impact and our mission to improve the human condition.”

Attego will bring together RTI’s social and environmental scientists, economists, statisticians, development experts, workforce and education experts, and others to address the complex challenges facing clients across numerous industries and sectors.

RTI created this new brand to address the need for innovative efforts around environmental, social and governance issues. The core of Attego’s strategy is in the four pillars of its ESG Impact Solutions: ESG Assessment, ESG Financial and Impact Optimization, ESG Implementation, and ESG Validation. Each is designed to address key aspects of impact projects: environmental, social and governance activities and investments that benefit stakeholders and that enable successful operations while also providing a financial return on investment.

These four pillars will enable Attego to identify, select, execute, and track impact projects from the beginning to the end of their life cycles. Attego’s comprehensive services will help to establish and maintain an organization’s social license to operate, as well as ensuring both immediate and long-term success for operators and investors.

“With an ever-evolving global economy and an increasingly transparent world, companies need a new approach for engaging effectively with local stakeholders, mitigating risks, and delivering positive returns to their shareholders,” said Jason Norman, Ph.D., managing director of Attego. “RTI founded Attego to address that exact need. It’s a tremendously exciting time for us at Attego: as we launch our new brand we have the depth of knowledge, talent and resources of RTI to support us.”

Attego ESG Impact Solutions include ESG Assessment Solutions that address the need for comprehensive, integrated information and data to inform key decisions and to identify and capture all risks and critical issues, and ESG Financial and Impact Optimization Solutions to enable the selection and optimization of impact projects so as to accurately deliver defendable business cases while establishing management and budgetary support for investments in impact projects over the long term.

Furthermore, Attego’s ESG Implementation Solutions are all directly tied to operational timelines, budgets, and reporting. Additionally, to enable sustainable ESG performance through accurate tracking and reporting over time, Attego’s ESG Validation Solutions can quantify ESG impacts, making related ESG efforts easier to support.