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Focus Areas


Linking hydrologic analysis and water management tools in a fully integrated water resources solution

RTI International developed WaterALLOC, a modeling framework with a set of proprietary tools, to support efficient analysis and management of river basins around the world. WaterALLOC couples a hydrologic modeling system with a water allocation and river operations modeling system. WaterALLOC also includes a suite of tools that enhances the modeling experience and user decision support. The RTI Center for Water Resources provides streamlined and comprehensive solutions for water resources management around the world. WaterALLOC is a cost-effective and flexible modeling system that can be easily expanded to support future water supply decision-making.

The WaterALLOC modeling system is a flexible simulation system with two core components:

  1. The HydroBID rainfall-runoff modeling system, which estimates the availability of surface water at the regional, basin and sub-basin scales
  2. The MODSIM model for river basin operation and planning—including water allocation, water accounting and reservoir operations. 

Our modeling framework can simulate rainfall-runoff processes, raw water supply availability, operational preferences and rules, competing demands and scenarios of hydrological conditions. The framework processes available data and then uses that data to populate a database and execute the model. A geographic information system interface allows for intuitive visualization of inputs and outputs.

WaterALLOC enables comprehensive river basin modeling, including the following:

  • Basin water balance and river operations modeling
  • Water availability and infrastructure analysis for water supply
  • Climate change analysis and adaptation
  • Decision support for water resources systems under deep uncertainty (climate change)
  • Conjunctive surface and groundwater availability analyses

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