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RTI Merge™

An AI-Driven Research Platform

Organizations across all industries are collecting and processing a wealth data that continues to grow at a rapid pace. But extracting actionable insights from large datasets is time-consuming and costly. We’ve fused the latest advancements in research, science, and technology to develop RTI Merge™, an integration platform supporting data acquisition and ingestion, knowledge curation, and mixed modeling and simulations. The AI-driven research platform is comprised of a full suite of open source and proprietary AI-driven tools to enable researchers and policy makers to make better informed, evidence-based decisions.

Platform Features and Benefits

Seamlessly take your projects from data acquisition to knowledge discovery

Curated tools to elevate your work

Best-in-class open-source software integrated with proprietary RTI tools on one AI-driven platform, ready for instant access.

Building blocks to accelerate projects

Jump start your project with open source libraries, knowledge graph layers, and synthetic population data.

Implement workflows rapidly

Reproducible, reliable workflows fully or semi-automated based on your needs.

Manage information efficiently

Automate workflows, data acquisition, and knowledge curation while collaborating across your team and ensuring quality.

Leverage cloud computing

Computing resources available on demand, so you can scale up and down as you need.

Products Powered by RTI Merge

RTI SynthPop™

Leverage spatially explicit records for every US households and person without the concern of personably identifiable information (PII).

  • Data visualization at the most granular level
  • Determine connections between socio-economic factors
  • Understand risk factors for the spread of infection disease and other public health crises

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RTI COVID-19 Data Insights™

Use community-level data to create a targeted COVID-19 response plan for your community. Cross-compare COVID-19 data with socioeconomic vulnerability factors.

  • Prioritize limited response resources based on real-time insights
  • SynthPop dataset integrations for hyper-localized insights at the census block level
  • Inform public health response and minimize community impacts

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At RTI, we are not solely technologists, but we are also not only researchers—we are where the two intersect. This allows us to bring skillsets from both areas and to collaborate with a wide range of people to build cutting-edge products.” –Helen Jang, RTI Senior Director

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