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Focus Areas

International Education Technology (EdTech)

Improving Teaching and Learning by Leveraging Technology

RTI’s work in EdTech aims to measurably​​ improve teaching and learning. We work with governments and local partners to develop focused, practical interventions. Our work is guided by the principle of offering the ​​right technology in the right place for the right reason, using methods that scale equitably and sustainably. 

Our education technology experts design, implement, and evaluate strategies to optimize the educational use of multimedia, connectivity, machine learning, and other technology capabilities—especially on mobile devices. 

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Education Technology Strategies

  • Personalized learning tools 
  • Games and simulations 
  • Digital teaching aids 
  • Technology-assisted remote training approaches 
  • Coaching resources 
  • Education data collection and formative assessment software.  

We accompany the introduction of technologies with training, change management, total cost analyses, and action research and adaptation for the best chance of effectiveness and sustainability. Our approaches are aligned with the principles of Digital Development and address accessibility for all by paying attention to gender and inclusion in design and deployment of tools and activities.  

Education Technology Tools 

  • Tangerine® is an open-source data collection software developed by RTI and optimized for mobile devices. Tangerine has been used for more than 2 million surveys and student assessments, in more than 60 countries, in 100 languages, and by more than 80 organizations. 
  • Tangerine:Coach is a version of Tangerine that supports large-scale coaching and teacher support as well as sector performance monitoring.
  • Tangerine:Teach assists teachers to collect, analyze, and use students' results from formative assessments to better meet diverse students' needs.
  • Tangerine:EF Touch m​​​​easures executive function in preschool-aged children through multiple tasks to test inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility. 
  • ​​​Loquat applies machine learning to analyzing classroom talk time and guiding classroom practice. 
  • ​​​Papaya is a phonological awareness application that assists teachers and students in learning correct letter/syllable sounds in any language. 
  • ​​​​​CurrantMobile™ is a mobile skills assessment tool that uses a game-based approach to measure employability skills.