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Our clients come to us to develop communications that resonate with people and motivate them to make informed decisions or change their behavior. Our evidence-based solutions help create accessible, engaging communication materials perfectly tailored to your audience and your goals.

We offer:

  • Branding, Creative, and Content Strategy
  • Message and Materials Development
  • Human-centered Design
  • Website, App and Digital Product Development
  • Usability Testing and Prototyping
  • Virtual Reality Solutions


Project Highlight

All of Us

In our role as one of the Engagement and Retention Innovator awardees for the National Institutes of Health’s All of Us Research Program, we are using a human-centered design and developmental evaluation approach to research, design, deliver and evaluate meaningful digital engagement experiences for health care providers and members of populations historically underrepresented in biomedical research. The goal of our work is to create digital engagement experiences that foster authentic and sustained engagement with All of Us.

newborn baby

Digital Tool Fosters Diversity in Outcomes of Babies with Opioid Exposure Study Recruitment

CONSENTER is a digital, patient-centered, interactive tool that transforms the informed consent process from the passive receipt of complex information to an active, engaging, visual experience that can improve understanding of research. CONSENTER was customized to support recruitment of underrepresented populations for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) ACT NOW Outcomes of Babies with Opioid Exposure (OBOE) Longitudinal Study. The OBOE Study examines the effects of opioid exposure on infant development from birth to two years, a critical period for growth and development. Eligible participants (mothers of opioid-exposed and control infants) are given the option to view the OBOE Study CONSENTER as a supplement to the consent process. Participants select an avatar to guide them through the video—the video offers three racially diverse avatars with complementary live recorded voiceovers. After viewing CONSENTER, participants complete a short survey to assess their knowledge of the study and perception of the video, regardless of their consent decision.

Project Highlight

Enhancing Patient-Provider Communication for Tailored HIV Care

CDC and RTI collaborated to develop Positive Health Check, a highly tailored, video-based interactive intervention to help people with HIV achieve better clinical outcomes through improved communication with their health care provider. We engaged a diverse group of patients and clinicians during the development of the intervention content and structure. Patients use a tablet to access Positive Health Check with minimal assistance from staff, making it ideal for use in a variety of clinical settings.

Project Highlight

Leveraging Digital Communication in India

To help public health organizations in India better engage communities online, we created a free Digital Health Communication Toolkit. The toolkit, which was awarded “Best Training Material” by the American Public Health Association, includes best practices for digital media through a public health lens, along with case studies and recommendations for effective message development. To disseminate and test the toolkit with public health organizations, we hosted a one-day workshop in New Delhi that included interactive sessions and design-thinking activities to address some of India’s greatest public health challenges.

Project Highlight

Empowering 150+ Organizations for Pregnancy Prevention

Our team adopted a user-centered design approach to create an interactive tool that helps Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention grantees increase the visibility of their programs. The Studio, funded by the Family and Youth Services Bureau, received a 2017 Digital Health Award. The proprietary tool allows grantees to customize and add their organization’s logo to client-approved web badges, tip sheets, and infographics. The tool is part of The Exchange, a website our team created that included user research, content development, branding, prototyping, and testing.