N. Guy Winebrenner

Vice President, Middle East Energy Sector

Guy Winebrenner


  • MCE, Water Resources, University of Delaware
  • BCE, Structures, University of Delaware

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Guy Winebrenner is responsible for the overall conduct of projects and growth of our energy consultancy in the Middle East. He possesses more than 40 years of utility and consulting experience in developing sustainable solutions to infrastructure and resource management challenges associated with the energy and water needs of the region.  His background includes holding key management positions at two large electric and gas utilities. Throughout his decades of professional experience, he has focused on the planning, design, and construction of power and on natural gas and water infrastructure projects. He has participated in various programs, on task forces, and in studies conducted by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), and the American Gas Association (AGA) that focused on a variety of issues facing the regulated utility industry.

Mr. Winebrenner has led efforts in support of licensing and permitting of major utility projects, including nuclear, fossil and renewable power plants, and transmission lines. In addition, he has been responsible for the development and implementation of demand-side management programs to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in the use of energy by end-use customers, resulting in reduction in peak demand and overall consumption.  

Additionally, Mr. Winebrenner has developed and taught university-level courses about water resources and construction law and has delivered technical presentations and training at internal and external venues. He has also testified as an expert witness in numerous regulatory forums. Since 2008, he has served as a lead technical expert on various energy and water efficiency projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).