Kirsten Rieth

Director, Research and Insights

Kirsten Rieth


  • MBA, University of North Carolina
  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

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Kirsten Rieth has nearly 30 years of experience working at the intersection of technology, industry, and economy. She is as adept at working with individual technologies to determine value proposition and market opportunity as she is in developing and rolling out large-scale services and training programs.

Ms. Rieth focuses on advising and managing federal laboratories and government contracts, implementing programs and ensuring client satisfaction. She also works with economic development organizations, universities, nonprofit foundations, and companies of all sizes to pinpoint the best opportunities for their innovations.

Her background in design engineering, product development, testing, and manufacturing has afforded her the global perspective needed to establish regional innovation collaboratives and support stakeholder engagement. Ms. Rieth also has previous experience in electronics packaging and adult education, giving her a diverse skill set that allows her to identify technology solutions to meet client needs in a host of sectors.