Haley Harrison

Haley Harrison

Innovation Analyst


PhD, Nanoscience, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
MS, Earth Science, North Carolina Central University
BS, Physics, North Carolina Central University


Haley Harrison is an Innovation Analyst with the RTI Innovation Advisors, a business unit of RTI International. She initially joined RTI in 2021 through a post-doctoral fellowship program, and she supports philanthropic foundations and commercial clients with a focus on tech innovation, digital transformation, and sustainability. Dr. Harrison helps RTI Innovation Advisors’ commercial clients identify sustainable solutions through partner scouting globally. She also analyzes digital transformation opportunities and innovative technology solutions for clients across the food and beverage industry. Dr Harrison consults on the future of soft automation, Internet of Things, smart sensing devices, and identifies sustainable packaging partners.

Before joining RTI, Dr. Harrison worked with the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Association. She was an analyst who helped develop strategic scientific programs at national labs. In earlier work in the manufacturing sector, Dr. Harrison was involved in new nanomaterial synethesis and incorporation methods for the development of mechanically strong low-density materials for aerospace applications.

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