Coleen Northeim

Senior Director, Sustainability and Resource Management—Environmental and Health Sciences Unit

Coleen Northeim


  • BS, Chemical Engineering, University of Dayton

Coleen Northeim has been with RTI since 1982, progressing from chemical engineer to Senior Director of Sustainability and Resource Management. In this role, she has provided technical and financial management of contracts for a variety of federal clients, including the Department of Defense and several EPA divisions.

Ms. Northeim’s current research efforts have been in support of EPA’s Sustainable and Healthy Communities Program and have focused on understanding the flows of materials through use and re-use stages and the encouragement of beneficial use of materials previously treated as wastes. This has included work on topics such as used electronics, construction and demolition debris, and industrial by-products. Additionally, she manages engineers and environmental scientists conducting research in areas such as waste/sustainable materials management, contaminated sediments and soils, environmental policy analysis, ecosystem management, emissions estimations, decision support tool development, technology transfer, and training.

Through her contract and cooperative agreement management experience, Ms. Northeim has worked with subcontractors and other stakeholders from industry, government, trade associations, and academia. She has facilitated multi-stakeholder meetings designed to identify and prioritize research needs for a variety of technical programs and to establish strategic plans for research and business development efforts.

She is the author or co-author of over 75 reports, publications and conference presentations.