Andy McDaniel

Senior manager and research chemist

Andy McDaniel


  • BA, Chemistry, Elon College

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Andy McDaniel manages the forensic materials production group in the Center for Forensic Sciences. He has more than 30 years of experience in the production of urine-based quality materials for major proficiency testing (PT) providers. Clients include the National Laboratory Certification Program, College of American Pathologists, Duo Research, and major employers with internal testing programs.

Mr. McDaniel, who joined RTI in 1977, is one of our senior leaders in forensics and laboratory management. He oversees the commercial annual production of PT samples derived from drugs of abuse, metabolites, synthetic cannabinoids, therapeutic drug monitoring, and blood alcohol. His group, which pioneered the production of human hair reference materials, also works with urine matrix QC samples, oral fluid PT samples, whole blood and blood alcohol PT samples, human and animal serum-based matrices, and synthetic vitreous fluid matrices.

Mr. McDaniel is committed to helping our forensics program grow by maintaining the highest standards for quality, including meeting the requirements of ISO 34 and the definitions given in ISO Guide 30.