New England Journal of Medicine top 10 notable articles includes paper on survival of very early preterm babies

Study co-authored by RTI International researchers

June 18, 2018

Research Triangle Park, NC— A study that provides important information for physicians and family members planning the care of extremely fragile preterm infants was selected as one of the New England Journal of Medicine top ten notable articles of 2017.

The article, co-authored by two RTI researchers, details an analysis of records from a national research network on newborn babies, which found that very early preterm infants are more likely to survive than in previous years and the survivors are less likely to have neurodevelopmental impairments.

The study, “Survival and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes among Periviable Infants,” was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in February 2017 by Carla Bann and Abhik Das, RTI Senior Research Statisticians, among twelve other researchers.

Jeffrey M. Drazen, Editor-in-Chief of New England Journal of Medicine, says “this ‘most notable’ collection was selected by the editors as being the most meaningful in improving medical practice and patient care.” The New England Journal of Medicine is the oldest continuously-published medical journal. Its editorial, peer, and statistical review process is highly rigorous for scientific accuracy, novelty, and importance.

For more information, visit the Neonatal Research Network. For more about the study findings, read our news release from February of 2017.