Lisa Thalji

Vice President, Survey Research Division

Lisa Thalji


  • MA, Applied Psychology, Temple University
  • BA, Psychology, University of Illinois

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Lisa Thalji is vice president of RTI’s Survey Division, managing more than 150 research professionals. Drawing on 25 years of experience conducting research, she is an expert in designing and managing large, highly complex surveys in the United States and internationally, covering all modes of data collection, a wide range of populations, including households and schools, and diverse clients such as government agencies and commercial enterprises.

Substantively, Ms. Thalji’s work has focused on public health, environmental health, and education. She is especially proficient at collaborating with clients to select appropriate data capture strategies that produce high-quality, scientifically valid information within budget and scheduling priorities. She works with RTI project directors and team leaders to anticipate research challenges and devise effective plans to ensure they are addressed. She has been instrumental in leading staff to advance the field of survey research through innovation and dissemination of methodological approaches.