Implementing and evaluating strategies to promote gender equity in health, education, and economic opportunity

RTI is a leader in researching, developing, implementing, and evaluating culturally sensitive strategies to promote gender equity. Our work aims to improve access to appropriate, culturally-relevant health-related services, education and economic opportunities, and other resources.

On behalf of our clients, we develop and test health promotion programs to mitigate adverse health outcomes resultant of gender disparities. Such programs often support underserved communities in efforts to remove structural barriers that impact sexual and reproductive health needs. Our experts develop gender-responsive programming, including the uptake and sustainability of gender-specific behavioral, economic, and biomedical HIV interventions, and we develop and evaluate cutting-edge programming for couples to promote gender equitable health behavior within relationships.

We also support client programs that foster economic and educational empowerment by identifying services available in socio-economically disadvantaged communities, as well as programs that empower marginalized groups through strategic collaboration with governmental, communal, and transnational cohorts.