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What is known and unknown about probation populations


DeMichele, M., Kennedy, E., Smiley McDonald, H., Chambers, A. B., Couzens, G., Griggs, A., ... Smith, T. (2017). What is known and unknown about probation populations: A call to the community supervision field. Perspectives, 41(4), 24-32.


This special issue of Perspectives provides insight on how to use data in a way that informs broader questions, as well as keeps us grounded in the theory and context of community corrections. RTI International begins this conversation of data by providing the results of the Annual Surveys of Probation and Parole (ASPP). Understanding the population of those on probation and parole is a necessary step to exploring why probation populations have expanded over the past 20 years and, if necessary, how to address them moving forward.