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Training future leaders Experience from China-ASEAN cancer control training program

Cancer care professionals are pivotal in translating the knowledge into action in the continuum of cancer control process. Unfortunately, in China and the Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN), limited training opportunities are available for health professionals in the area of cancer prevention and control. Therefore, the Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CICAMS), and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) collaboratively designed and held the China-ASEAN Cancer Control and Prevention Training Program to provide continuing education opportunities for cancer professionals from China and ASEAN countries. The aim of this article is to report on the effectiveness and quality of the program and share our experience. A total of 36 participants from 12 countries completed the whole course including 1-month online learning and 1-week face-to-face workshop and cancer control facility tour in October 2017. After completion of the program, all participants were invited to fill out a questionnaire and to provide their comments on the training course. Out of 36 participants, 33 completed the evaluation form and they rated the training course highly in terms of satisfaction, value, and likelihood of recommending it to other colleagues. Additionally, all participants provided very detailed and practical comments on the course. Such an intensive, short-term, and comprehensive training program is expected to help participants establish a broader view of cancer prevention and control within the wider health services and be involved in national cancer control programs in a more efficient way. This training course could serve as a model for other institutes dedicated to nurturing future leaders in cancer control.


Rezhake, R., Xu, X-Q., Montigny, S., Berger, A., Hu, S-Y., Liu, Z-H., ... Zhao, F-H. (2018). Training future leaders: Experience from China-ASEAN cancer control training program. Journal of Cancer Education. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13187-018-1409-6

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