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Reflective Nanofiber Lighting Devices

A fiber-based reflective lighting device and a housed lighting device. The fiber-based reflective lighting device which includes a source configured to generate a primary light, and a substrate having a nanocomposite mat of reflective fibers having a diameter less than 1,000 nm which diffusively reflects light upon illumination with at least the primary light. The nanocomposite mat includes a reflectance-enhancing coating conformally disposed around an outer surface of the fibers, having a refractive index different from the reflective fibers, and which increases a reflectance of the substrate in the visible spectrum. The lighting device includes a light exit configured to emanate the reflected light. The housed lighting device includes a housing, a source configured to generate primary light and direct the primary light into the housing, the reflective nanocomposite mat of reflective fibers, and a light exit in the housing configured to emanate the reflected light from the housing.


Davis, J., Lamvik, M., Guzan, K., Mills, K., Bittle, J., & Haines, L. (2016). IPC No. U.S. Reflective Nanofiber Lighting Devices. (Patent No. 9228716).