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Making the system work for home care quality

The post-acute and long-term care systems are changing rapidly, with an increasingly important role being played by home care. Under the current system, home care does not consistently meet the needs of older people living in the community. This problem is caused, in large part, by the existing system of financing and regulating home care. This paper examines how the current system funded by Medicare, Medicaid, state programs, private insurance, and out-of-pocket spending affects the delivery and quality of home care services. Specifically, this paper analyzes how financing, coverage of services, reimbursement, quality regulation and assurance, and information coordination affects the quality of home care. The paper concludes by drawing implications for policy


Wiener, J., Anderson, W., & Gage, B. (2009). Making the system work for home care quality. Journal For Healthcare Quality, 31(2), 18-23.