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Low-cost uncooled VOx infrared camera development


Li, C., Han, C. J., Skidmore, G. D., Cook, G., Kubala, K., Bates, R., ... Hardy, B. (2013). Low-cost uncooled VOx infrared camera development. In Infrared Technology and Applications XXXIX, [8704], p. 87041L. .


The DRS Tamarisk® 320 camera, introduced in 2011, is a low cost commercial camera based on the 17 µm pixel pitch 320×240 VOx microbolometer technology. A higher resolution 17 µm pixel pitch 640×480 Tamarisk®640 has also been developed and is now in production serving the commercial markets. Recently, under the DARPA sponsored Low Cost Thermal Imager-Manufacturing (LCTI-M) program and internal project, DRS is leading a team of industrial experts from FiveFocal, RTI International and MEMSCAP to develop a small form factor uncooled infrared camera for the military and commercial markets. The objective of the DARPA LCTI-M program is to develop a low SWaP camera (