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Leveraging Knowledge Assets in the First Palestinian Planned Community


Lawrence, S. E., Dajani, A., Schwartz, G. M., & Bowditch, N. H. (2009, June). Leveraging Knowledge Assets in the First Palestinian Planned Community. Presented at IASP World Conference on Science and Technology Parks (2009), RTP, NC.


RTI International and Bayti Real Estate Investment Company developed an economic growth strategy for the first Palestinian planned community—Rawabi. This strategy builds off technology-led economic development models to make Rawabi a job creation center that also strengthens the West Bank’s economy. It seeks to increase economic opportunity by introducing new technologies, engaging international firms, and expanding current Palestinian economic activities.

The strategy outlines ways Rawabi can harness innovation assets—two nearby universities and the highly educated workforce—to build a stronger knowledge ecosystem and to strengthen the Information Communication Technology (ICT) industry as an economic base from which Rawabi can attract and retain businesses. Virtual employment is discussed as a means to jump-start this activity under the current geopolitical circumstances in the West Bank.

This integrated strategy combines technology, innovation, and a viable market-based approach with a strong vision, political will, and moral commitment to propel greater economic stability.