• Scholarly report

Incorporating green programming in juvenile justice settings


Lindquist, C., Melton, A. P., McKay, T., & Martinez, R. (2014). Incorporating green programming in juvenile justice settings: Lessons learned from OJJDP’s Tribal Green Reentry Initiative. Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI International.


This report highlights key considerations relevant to incorporating “green” activities in juvenile justice settings. The findings are of interest to those who work with justice-involved youth and are interested in incorporating gardening, greenhouses, and related activities. The findings are based on the Cross-Site Evaluation of OJJDP’s Green Reentry Program and are of particular relevance to practitioners who work with tribal youth. Because green activities offer a natural opportunity for tribal youth to reconnect with their traditional culture, many of the lessons in this report are relevant to a holistic approach in which green activities are complemented with cultural components.