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The impact of diabetes-related complications on healthcare costs: new results from the UKPDS (UKPDS 84)

AIMS: To estimate the immediate and long-term inpatient and non-inpatient costs for Type 2 diabetes-related complications. METHODS: The costs of all consultations, visits, admissions and procedures associated with diabetes-related complications during UK Prospective Diabetes Study post-trial monitoring in the period 1997-2007 were estimated using hospitalization records for 2791 patients in England and resource use questionnaires were administered to 3589 patients across the UK. RESULTS: The estimated (95% CI) inpatient care costs (in 2012 pounds sterling) in the event year for the example of a 60-year-old man were: non-fatal ischaemic heart disease pound9,767 ( pound7,038- pound12,696); amputation pound9,546 ( pound6,416- pound13,463); non-fatal stroke pound6,805 ( pound3,856- pound10,278); non-fatal myocardial infarction pound6,379 ( pound4,290- pound8,339); fatal stroke pound3,954 ( pound2,012- pound6,428); fatal ischaemic heart disease pound3,766 ( pound746- pound5,512); heart failure pound3,191 ( pound1,678-4,903); fatal myocardial infarction pound1,521 ( pound647- pound2,670); and blindness in one eye pound1,355 ( pound415- pound2,655). In subsequent years, estimated (95% CI) costs ranged from pound1,792 ( pound1,060- pound2,943) for amputations to pound453 ( pound315- pound691) for blindness in one eye. Costs of non-inpatient healthcare in the event year were: amputation pound2,699 ( pound1,409- pound4,126); blindness in one eye pound1,790 ( pound878- pound3,056); non-fatal stroke pound1,019 ( pound770- pound1,499); nonfatal myocardial infarction pound1,963 ( pound794- pound1,157); heart failure pound979 ( pound708- pound1,344); non-fatal ischaemic heart disease pound864 ( pound718- pound1,014); and cataract extraction pound700 ( pound619- pound780). In each subsequent year, non-inpatient costs ranged from pound1,611 ( pound1,193- pound2,116) for amputations to pound654 ( pound572- pound799) for ischaemic heart disease. CONCLUSIONS: Diabetic complications are associated with substantial immediate and long-term healthcare costs. Our comprehensive new estimates of these costs, derived from detailed recent UK Prospective Diabetes Study post-trial data, should aid researchers and health policy analyses. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved


Alva, M., Gray, A., Mihaylova, B., Leal, J., & Holman, RR. (2015). The impact of diabetes-related complications on healthcare costs: new results from the UKPDS (UKPDS 84). Diabetic Medicine, 32(4), 459-466. https://doi.org/10.1111/dme.12647

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