• Scholarly report

Creating greater opportunity in South Carolina's I-95 corridor


Moore, T., & Lawrence, S. (2009). Creating greater opportunity in South Carolina's I-95 corridor: A human needs assessment (RTI Project Number 0211544.000.002). (Prepared for Francis Marion University, Florence, SC and South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, SC). Research Triangle Park, NC: RTI International.


South Carolina's I-95 Corridor is a diverse and expansive region of 17 counties and nearly a million people, stretching from North Carolina to Georgia. Despite advantages, including proximity to the coast and major transportation routes, the Corridor has long been under-developed. With that underdevelopment have come problems ranging from struggling schools to cyclical poverty to lagging health and social well-being indicators. Seeking to address this underdevelopment, Francis Marion University and South Carolina State University commissioned RTI International to conduct a human needs assessment for the region. Combining more than 60 interviews with stakeholders and experts with topical area research and best practices, RTI indentified 26 findings and 66 recommendations, intended to guide regional and state leaders and forge greater opportunities for residents of the Corridor.