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Consumers' preferences for electronic nicotine delivery system product features A structured content analysis

To inform potential governmental regulations, we aimed to develop a list of electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) product features important to U.S. consumers by age and gender. We employed qualitative data methods. Participants were eligible if they had used an ENDS at least once. Groups were selected by age and gender (young adult group aged 18-25, n = 11; middle-age group aged 26-64, n = 9; and women's group aged 26-64, n = 9). We conducted five individual older adult interviews (aged 68-80). Participants discussed important ENDS features. We conducted a structured content analysis of the group and interview responses. Of 34 participants, 68% were white and 56% were female. Participants mentioned 12 important ENDS features, including: (1) user experience; (2) social acceptability; (3) cost; (4) health risks/benefits; (5) ease of use; (6) flavors; (7) smoking cessation aid; (8) nicotine content; (9) modifiability; (10) ENDS regulation; (11) bridge between tobacco cigarettes; (12) collectability. The most frequently mentioned ENDS feature was modifiability for young adults, user experience for middle-age and older adults, and flavor for the women's group. This study identified multiple features important to ENDS consumers. Groups differed in how they viewed various features by age and gender. These results can inform ongoing regulatory efforts.


Kistler, C. E., Crutchfield, T. M., Sutfin, E. L., Ranney, L. M., Berman, M. L., Zarkin, G. A., & Goldstein, A. O. (2017). Consumers' preferences for electronic nicotine delivery system product features: A structured content analysis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(6), [613]. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph14060613

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