employees collaborate over lunch outside

Diversity and Inclusion

Fulfilling our individual and collective potential through respect, equity, and value

From our research to community involvement to outreach, we apply our principles of diversity and inclusion globally at every level and function of our organization. Our commitment to honoring these principles has helped us create a diverse team that uses an inclusive environment as a springboard to improving the human condition.

Embracing the Differing Worldviews Created by Diverse Backgrounds

We recognize that diverse backgrounds inform different views that help create a hub of ideas that drive our pursuit of world-changing innovations. Our cultural, ethnic, gender, and intellectual diversity helps generate opportunities to foster creative solutions and teamwork.

Appreciation and Encouragement Fuel Our Inclusive Approach

Bolstered by the confidence inspired by fair and respectful treatment, every member of our team is empowered to share perspectives that are supported and welcomed by their teammates. By valuing every individual’s contributions, we develop an inclusive atmosphere that drives our current and future progress.

To learn more about our ongoing efforts to embrace and promote diversity and inclusion, view our statement today.