Roger Studley

Roger Studley

Senior Education Research Analyst


MA, Economics, University of Florida
BA, Economics, University of Florida

Roger Studley manages projects and conducts research related to education policy and practice. He combines advanced quantitative skills with the ability to communicate with nontechnical audiences, including members of the media and a variety of public- and private-sector clients.

Currently, Mr. Studley manages the development of Evaluation Engine, a convenient, secure, and affordable online tool to help schools, districts, and states use existing data to evaluate the effectiveness of their educational interventions. He also serves as project manager for the City Initiative Dashboard Indicators, a set of statistical measures for evaluating school-based grants from the Walton Family Foundation.

Mr. Studley joined RTI in 2013 with the acquisition of MPR Associates. Previously, he was assistant director of admissions research and evaluation in the University of California Office of the President, analyzing admission policies and building a research infrastructure. He advanced to PhD candidacy at the University of California-Berkeley.

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