Paramita Sinha

Senior Research Economist

Paramita Sinha


  • PhD, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
  • MS, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
  • MSQE, Quantitative Economics, Indian Statistical Institute

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A senior environmental economist in RTI's Environmental and Health Sciences Division, Paramita Sinha has 10 years’ experience managing and conducting applied multidisciplinary policy research for various federal agencies. She has extensive experience developing models of climate impact. Her climate-impact work includes estimating the value of climate amenities and associated welfare impacts under alternative climate scenarios across different cities and demographic groups; developing state-of-the-art econometric models to examine the migration patterns of U.S. households in response to climate signals; and  assessing the health effects of climate change.

Dr. Sinha also conducts research to inform and support development of adaptation strategies by urban planners. This includes developing new methods to estimate the effects of urban green infrastructure on reductions in summer temperature and human well-being. Her ongoing research includes developing indicator-based approaches to examine the vulnerability of communities to extreme weather events.

Dr. Sinha is also experienced in assessing the benefits of pollution-reducing policies on human health and ecosystem services, and developing and enhancing tools and frameworks to support such assessments.

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