Michael P. Gallaher

Director, Technology, Energy, and the Environment


  • PhD, Economics, Boston College
  • MS, Economics, Southern Illinois University
  • BS, Computer Science, Southern Illinois University
  • ┬áBS, Aerospace Engineering, University of Notre Dame.

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Michael Gallaher, PhD, has more than 10 years of experience leading projects for NIST, EPA, NSF, and NTIA and other federal agencies modeling the economic impact of new technologies. Dr. Gallaher specializes in developing baseline/counterfactual scenarios from which incremental costs and benefits can be measured, and he has conducted both retrospective and prospective technology assessments. His research has involved assessing the economic implications of technology adoption in the automotive, aerospace, computer hardware and software, chemical, iron and steel, and construction industries. Dr. Gallaher has led the review and redesign of national establishment-level surveys for NSF and EPA and has developed and implemented a wide range of survey methods, including in-person, telephone, mail, and Internet-based surveys.