Margaret (Peggy) Dubeck

Senior Literacy Researcher

Margaret (Peggy) Dubeck


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • PhD, Reading Education, University of Virginia
  • MEd, The George Washington University
  • BA, Communication Arts and Sciences, Michigan State University

Margaret (Peggy) Dubeck, PhD, is a literacy and assessment expert who aims to improve children’s achievement through empirical research. Her interest in literacy research began with examining dyslexic readers learning in multilingual contexts. Since then, Dr. Dubeck has participated in the entire research cycle, including multidisciplinary randomized control trials, funding, sensitization, piloting, implementation, evaluation, analysis, and dissemination. She has extensive experience with assess­ments that are instructionally transparent and inform evaluations.

Dr. Dubeck has created, modified, and estab­lished the technical adequacy of literacy, math, attention, and affective instruments in multiple languages. Designed for schools, community programs, and individualized settings, her literacy interventions include teacher and student materials, trainings, supportive technology, and measures of fidelity. Her diverse teaching background has allowed her to make in impact in clinical, private, and public educational settings.

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