Jonathan Holt

Research Data Scientist


PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Duke University
MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Duke University
BS, Biochemistry, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Jonathan Holt is a member of the Center for Data Science whose interdisciplinary research spans the social, environmental, health and engineering sciences. Recent projects have been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Dr. Holt is currently developing machine learning models to predict pre-symptomatic respiratory illnesses using data collected from wearable heart rate monitors. His work in natural language processing involves using deep learning text models to identify critical findings from published scientific research, and to uncover linkages between various subfields of research related to endocrine-disrupting chemicals. He also develops software designed to train disaster response teams by simulating realistic emergency scenarios.

Dr. Holt completed his PhD at Duke University, where he developed statistical models to investigate sustainable land management in the US. Dr. Holt is also passionate about STEM education, and he spent three years teaching high school physics and chemistry in New Orleans.

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