Applying artificial intelligence in pursuit of a better future

The way we work, think, and behave is evolving. In today’s world, data is amassed at an ever-increasing rate - from sheer volume to the number of sources and data types. At the same time, as researchers and policy makers you are often asked to move faster, process more information, and make decisions quickly.

RTI has responded to the changing marketplace by incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technologies and solutions, like intelligent data processing, into our existing services and capabilities so that we can best serve your needs. As an expert at making sense of data, we are uniquely positioned to serve as your partner by filling the gap in understanding how technology can be used to solve public-sector problems and enhance research and insights.

AI Enhances Our Capabilities and Services

Our technical capabilities include a full range of advanced analytics, modern reporting and data dissemination, and agile software development, providing you with insights you can trust to make decisions to best serve your constituents.

By combining research intelligence with expertise in emerging technologies, and with a problem-solving mindset firmly grounded in the principles of human-centered design, we are equipped to empower you to make science-based decisions that will impact the world’s most critical problems are addressed today, and in the future.

RTI Merge™

Extracting actionable insights from large datasets is time-consuming and costly. We’ve fused the latest advancements in research, science, and technology to develop RTI Merge, an integration platform supporting data acquisition and ingestion, knowledge curation, and mixed modeling and simulations. Learn more about the platform and its solutions.

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