The American Association for Aerosol Research 36th Annual Conference

October 16, 2017 to October 20, 2017

Raleigh, NC

Event Website

Booth 10

RTI is pleased to participate in the 36th Annual Conference of the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR). The event provides “opportunities to engage with and learn from leading companies offering instrumentation and services in aerosol science and technology.” We invite you to visit us in Booth 10 to learn more about RTI's advancements in aerosol-related research and technology.

Addtionally, several experts from RTI will be making presentations at this year’s conference:

  • An Enhanced Children's MicroPEM for Household Air Pollution Personal Exposure Measurements. Ryan Chartier, Mukesh Dherani, and Kathleen Owen
  • Aerosol Detection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Andrew Dart and Jonathan Thornburg
  • Black Carbon Estimates from Optical Carbon Analysis of Federal Reference Method Teflon Filters. Paige Presler-Jur, Prakash Doraiswamy, Oliver Rattigan, and H. Dirk Felton
  • How do Pressure Drop, Efficiency, Weight Gain, and Loaded Dust Composition Change Throughout Filter Lifetime? Kathleen Owen and Roger Pope
  • Examine Spatial Gradients in Surface PM2.5 Fields by Integrating Low Cost Sensors with Satellite Data. Prakash Doraiswamy, Pawan Gupta, Olga Pikelnaya, Brandon Feenstra, Andrea Polidori, and Robert Levy

*RTI presenters appear in italics; lead presenters are in bold