Ann Decker

Research Pharmacologist


  • PhD, Synthetic Chemistry, University of Virginia
  • BS, Chemistry, College of William and Mary

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Ann M. Decker, Ph.D., conducts preclinical in vitro research to characterize novel compounds at CNS G-protein coupled receptors and biogenic amine transporters. Dr. Decker has experience with cell culture and molecular biology techniques as well as in vitro assays such as FLIPR-based calcium mobilization, enzyme complementation, radioligand binding, and synaptosomal biogenic amine transporter release and uptake inhibition.     

Dr. Decker received training in synthetic and medicinal chemistry before making a career transition to pharmacology. Her background includes experience with the total synthesis of complex natural products and the synthesis of small molecule libraries. This unique combination of chemistry and pharmacology knowledge has led to Dr. Decker’s strong understanding of the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity.

Dr. Decker has been a co-author of more than 10 peer-reviewed articles in both disciplines and has presented at the Society for Neuroscience and the American Chemical Society national meetings.