American Society of Criminology

November 15, 2017 to November 18, 2017

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RTI researchers will deliver more than a dozen presentations during the 73rd annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology in Philadelphia. The event offers those engaged in research, teaching, and practice to share research, knowledge, and best practices.

The topics being discused by RTI researchers include using new techology, evaluating body cameras, and addressing bullying on school buses. 

Here is a list of presentations by RTI:

Evaluation of Services for Domestic Victims of Human Trafficking


Evaluation of the National Human Trafficking Hotline: Preliminary findings - Kate Krieger, RTI International; Jennifer Hardison Walters, RTI International; Alexandra Lutnick, RTI International; Alison Levin-Rector, RTI International; KelleBarrick, RTI International; Alana Henninger, RTI International; Mark Pope, RTI International


Evaluation of a Survivor-Led Mentorship Program for Sexually Exploited Minors - Katherine Bright, Northeastern University; Jennifer Paruk, Boston University; Emily Rothman, Boston University; Amy Farrell, Northeastern University


Findings from the Evaluation of Domestic Human Trafficking Demonstration Projects - Jennifer Hardison Walters, RTI International; Kate Krieger, RTI International; Rose Feinberg, RTI International; Nakisa Asefnia, RTI International; Deborah A. Gibbs, RTI International

Strategies to Enhance School Climate and Student Safety: Enhanced Mental Health Services and Bullying Prevention


Bullying and Violence on the School Bus: Perspectives of Transportation Directors on Behavioral Management Strategies - Joshua A. Hendrix, RTI International; Alana Henninger, RTI International; Erin Kennedy, RTI International; James Trudeau, RTI International


SAMHSA Now Is The Time – Project AWARE: Strategies to Identify and Response to Threats to Student Safety and Well-being - Duren Banks, RTI International; Nicole Johnson, RTI International; Lissette Saavedra, RTI International; Anna Yaros, RTI International


School Safety vs. School Climate as Outcomes of a School-Based Mental Health Program - Anna Yaros, RTI International; Lissette Saavedra, RTI International; Antonio Morgan-Lopez, RTI International; James Trudeau, RTI International

Evaluation Challenges and Strategies in Services for Victims of Human Trafficking


Strategies for Using Program-collected Data in Multi-Site Evaluation of Services for Trafficking Victims - Rose Feinberg, RTI International; Kate Krieger, RTI International; Nakisa Asefnia, RTI International; Jennifer Hardison Walters, RTI International; Marianne Kluckman, RTI; Deborah A. Gibbs, RTI International


What is “Success”? Defining Outcomes in Services for Trafficking Survivors - Cutbush Stacey, RTI International; Kate Krieger, RTI International; Samantha Charm, RTI International; Deborah A. Gibbs, RTI International

Sexual Victimization Among Vulnerable/Understudied College Populations: Focus on LGBTQ, Male, and Repeat Victims


Sexual Victimization among LGBTQ and non-LGBTQ College Students: Victimization Risk, Context, and Disclosure - Christopher Krebs, RTI International; Christine Lindquist, RTI International; Michael Planty, RTI International; Lynn Langton, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Marcus Berzofsky, RTI International


Sexual Victimization among Male College Students: Risks and Responses - Marcus Berzofsky, RTI International; Michael Planty, RTI International; Christine Lindquist, RTI International; Christopher Krebs, RTI International; LynnLangton, Bureau of Justice Statistics

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking and the Child Welfare Population


Domestic Human Trafficking and the Child Welfare Population: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature - Alana Henninger, RTI International; Natasha E. Latzman, RTI International; Shilpi Misra, RTI International; Melissa Dolan, RTI International; Deborah A. Gibbs, RTI International


Estimating Under-Identification of Minor Victim Sex Trafficking in a Child Welfare Population - Deborah A. Gibbs, RTI International; Stephen Tueller, RTI International; Marianne Kluckman, RTI

Overcoming Measurement Challenges


Offenders a Decade Later: Locating, Interviewing, and Capturing Data - Christopher Ellis, RTI International; Stephen King, RTI International; Kelle Barrick, RTI International; Lori Hill, RTI International; Pamela K Lattimore, RTI International

Data Sources on Police use of Force and Deaths That Occur in Police Custody


Arrest-related Deaths: Do Denominators Make a Difference? - G. Lance Couzens, RTI International; Duren Banks, RTI International; Michael Planty, RTI International


Mental Health and Police-Related Deaths - Michael Planty, RTI International; Duren Banks, RTI International; G. Lance Couzens, RTI International

Race and Policing


Police Legitimacy, Trust, and Impartiality: Ethno-racial Disparities in Community Perceptions - Christopher Scott Inkpen, RTI International; Matthew DeMichele, RTI International; Samuel Scaggs, RTI International; Alison Levin-Rector, RTI International; Kelle Barrick, RTI International

Acquisition, Use, and Impacts of New Technologies in Policing


Navigating Technology Acquisition and Implementation in Law Enforcement Agencies - Rose Werth, RTI International; Crystal Daye, RTI International; Brian Aagaard, RTI International; Kevin Strom, RTI International


Gunshot Detection Alerts: Sensitivity and Response Times Compared to Calls for Service - Daniel Lawrence, RTI International; Margaret Goff, Urban Institute


Evaluating Body-Worn Cameras: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Impact on Use of Force, Community Member Complaints, and Community Trust – David McClure, Urban Institute; Nancy La Vigne, Urban Institute; Daniel Lawrence, RTI International; Aili Malm, California State University; Mathew Lynch, Urban Institute; Laura Golian, Urban Institute

Measuring Financial Fraud Victimization in the United States


Using Cognitive Interviewing to Improve the Measurement of Financial Fraud Victimization - Sarah Cook, RTI International; Christopher Krebs, RTI International; Lynn Langton, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Grace Kena, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Nakisa Asefnia, RTI International; Karen Lissy, RTI International; Justin Dawson, RTI International

Final Process, Outcome, and Cost Findings from the Cross-Site Evaluation of the Bureau of Justice Assistance FY 2011 Second Chance Act Adult Offender Reentry Demonstration Programs


Facilitators of Successful Reentry Program Implementation: Findings from the AORDP Process Evaluation - Janeen Buck Willison, The Urban Institute; Christine Lindquist, RTI International; Pamela K Lattimore, RTI International


The Impact of Second Chance Act Funding on Recidivism and Other Reentry Outcomes - Danielle Steffey, RTI International; Christine Lindquist, RTI International; Pamela K Lattimore, RTI International

Evidence-Based Crime Policy III


Effectiveness of Interventions to Promote Well-being among Children Exposed to Partner Violence: A Systematic Review - Natasha E. Latzman, RTI International; Cecilia Casanueva, RTI International; Julia Brinton, RTI International; Valerie L. Forman-Hoffman, RTI International

Experiencing Probation: Results from the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement Evaluation


First Person HOPE: Perspectives on the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement Demonstration Field Experiment from HOPE Probationers and Team Members - Debbie Dawes, RTI International; Gary Zajac, Pennsylvania State University; Elaine Arsenault, Pennsylvania State University


The HOPE Implementation Experience in Four Sites: Lessons from the Honest Opportunity Probation with Enforcement Demonstration Field Experiment - Gary Zajac, Pennsylvania State University; Debbie Dawes, RTI International; Elaine Arsenault, Pennsylvania State University


Experiencing Probation: More Lessons from the HOPE DFE - Pamela K Lattimore, RTI International; Matthew DeMichele, RTI International; Stephen Tueller, RTI International

Prisoner Reentry: Trends and Desistance


Desistance from Crime over the Life Course - Kelle Barrick, RTI International; Pamela K Lattimore, RTI International; Debbie Dawes, RTI International

Examining Public Perception, Body-worn Cameras, and Data Processing in Law Enforcement Agencies through Large National Data Collections


Body-worn Camera Use and Nonuse in Law Enforcement Agencies across the U.S. - Azucena Derecho, RTI International; Shelley Hyland, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Travis Taniguchi, RTI International


Assessing the Oversight of State Criminal Investigative Agencies on Law Enforcement Use of Force - Shelley Hyland, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Travis Taniguchi, RTI International; Azucena Derecho, RTI International

Victimization Behind Bars: Exploring the Victim-Offender Overlap and Mental Illness in Incarcerated Populations


Assessing the Victim-Offender Overlap with Jail Populations - Christine Lindquist, RTI International; Christopher Krebs, RTI International; Janet Lauritsen, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Lynn Langton, Bureau of Justice Statistics; Shannan Catalano, Bureau of Justice Statistics

It's Not What You Think: Unpacking Drugging Victimization and Perpetration Using Different Methodologies


Drugging Victimization of College Students: Individual, Behavioral, and Situational Risks - Tara Warner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Christopher Allen, University of Massachusetts Lowell; Christopher Krebs, RTI International; Christine Lindquist, RTI International; Bonnie Sue Fisher, University of Cincinnati; Sandra Martin, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Authors Meet Critics: Addressing Violence Against Women on College Campuses


Chris Krebbs, RTI International

Gender, Family Processes and Risky Behaviors


Drug Use as Self-Medication: An Investigation of Anti-Anxiety “Misuse” Among Adult Women - Cindy Brooks Dollar, University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Joshua A. Hendrix, RTI International

Immigration, Assimilation, and Crime


Downward Assimilation for Immigrants and their Children: Arrest, Incarceration, High School Dropout, and Early Childbirth - Christopher Scott Inkpen, RTI International

Life-Course Outcomes of Criminal Justice-Involved Populations


The Importance of Post-Prison Employment for Reducing Recidivisim over the Life Course - Samuel Scaggs, RTI International

Roundtable: How to Conduct Research with Correctional Populations


Pamela K Lattimore, RTI International (Discussant)

New Findings from the Smart Policing Initiative #2


Officer-related Outcomes Associated with Body-Worn Camera Adoption in Milwaukee, WI – Bryce Peterson, Urban Institute; Daniel Lawrence, RTI International; Lilly Yu, Urban Institute

Firearms: Examining Use of Guns in Crime


Does Gunshot Detection Technology work? Impacts and Lessons from Three Cities – Nancy La Vigne, Urban Institute; Daniel Lawrence, RTI International; Margaret Goff, Urban Institute; Carla Vasquez, Urban Institute