Justin Dues presenting Prohuman Tech wearable technology.

The DermiSense Health team focuses on biochemical monitoring and presented a zero-power patch to painlessly extract skin biofluid for chemical analysis. Low burden remote biochemistry solves unique needs of the military by enabling personalized health monitoring and giving real insight into performance status and degradations.

DermiSense DCSP Presentation

Casey Boutwell presenting DermiSense innovative technology.

“Most biochemical monitoring currently relies on invasive blood draw, despite the need for specialized training, general patient immobilization, and patient physical and psychological discomfort,” said Dr. Casey Boutwell, DermiSense CEO. “Our porous patches enable painless and zero power skin biofluid extraction with no specialized training in high motion environments.”

The Propeller Pre-Accelerator Program is an invaluable opportunity for businesses and organizations across the state with technologies they are looking to bring to market. It supports innovation in advanced textiles and wearables for the survivability, performance and lethality of the warfighter.

“Our team gained new insights, new connections and learned about existing resources that are unique to the state of North Carolina and the DoD community. We are humbled and grateful for this opportunity to work with First Flight Venture Center, NC-COMP, and folks from the NCDMCSP,” said Justin Dues, Prohuman Tech Founder and CEO. “The event at RTI was extremely eye-opening, especially as an early-stage startup, to see the robust amount of collaboration between organizations large and small. Whether it was meeting talented people in the ecosystem, hearing about resources or having the chance to expose our technology to a new audience, the value was tremendous. “

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