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Featured Work From Our Scholars

Kelly Evenson (2014-15)

Jason Amsden (2014-15)

Miriam Braunstein (2015-16)

Heileen Hsu-Kim (2015-16)

Archana Lamichhane (2015-16)

  • Trade-offs in total diet study sampling design
    Woodward, K., Aceituno, A., Lamichhane, A., Kowalcyk, B. & Wirtz, M., Jul 11 2017.
    Research output: Contribution to conference/public event › Conference presentation (Authors & Author-Presenter). If not a conference, use the Activities category.

Cynthia Powell (2015-16)

Ellen Weiss (2015-16)

Erik Wibbels (2015-16)

Crystal Cené (2016-17)

Owen Duckworth (2016-17)

Rakesh Malhotra (2016-17)

Sylvia Nassar (2016-17)

Nagui Rouphail (2016-17)

Ilene Speizer (2016-17)

Edwin Castellanos (2017-18)

James Levis (2017-18)

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson (2017-18)

Clara Muschkin (2017-18)

Michael Relf (2017-18)

Yang Zhang (2017-18)

Alice Ammerman (2018-19)

Mohd Anwar (2018-19)

Hollylynne Lee (2018-19)

  • Lee, H. S. (May 2019). Data science education in K-12 classrooms: What shoulda coulda woulda, but often ain’t there. Invited lightning talk presented at the opening session of the United States Conference on Teaching Statistics, State College, PA. Recording available at https://youtu.be/53WuS5z3oPY?t=596 
    Research Output: conference presentation
  • Lee, H. S. (April 2019). How engaging with real data can improve students’ engagement and learning of statistics topics in grades 6-12. Invited webinar presentation for RTI’s Large District Mathematics Collaborative initiative for NC. 
    Research into Practice Output: conference presentation at a teachers' conference
  • Lee, H. S., Mojica, G. M., Azmy, C., & Barker, H. (April 2019). How a MOOC for Educators Can Make a Large Impact. Paper presented at the Annual Research Conference of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. San Diego, CA.
    Research Output: conference presentation
  • Lee, H. S. & Baumgartner, P. (March 2019). Bringing data science to middle and high school education. Invited webinar for the DataBytes Lunch and Learn series for the National Consortium of Data Science.  Recording available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd1gM3M59XM 
    Research Output: webinar presentation
  • Lee, H. S. (October 2019). Diving into data in STEM classrooms with online visualization and analysis tools. Presentation at the 9th annual conference of Bridging the Gap 2020: Uniting North Carolina K-16 STEM Education, Raleigh, NC
    Research into Practice Output: conference presentation at a teachers' conference
  • Lee, H. S., Mojica, G. F., Thrasher, E. P., & Baumgartner, P. (2022). Investigating data like a data scientist: Key practices and processes. Statistics Education Research Journal 21(2), https://doi.org/10.52041/serj.v21i2.41 
    Research Output: journal publication
  • Invigorating Statistics Teacher Education through Professional Online Learning [InSTEP]. Grant submitted in October 2018 and awarded by the National Science Foundation (DRL 1908760, August 2019-July 2024, $2,852,626). PI: Hollylynne Lee, NC State University; Contract to RTI International's Center for Educational Technology (Director John Vavrika) for $500,000 to co-design and build the online platform. See http://instepwithdata.org  
    Research Output: external funding and collaborative partnership between RTI International and NC State's Friday Institute for Educational Innovation to build and launch an innovative online professional learning platform

Shu Wen Ng (2019-20)

William Vizuete (2019-20)

Emily Gower (2020-21)

Kathleen Mullan Harris (2020-21)

Carmen Monico (2021-22)